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by .viva.la.jada. (explicitly_jada)
at July 20th, 2005 (08:17 pm)

current mood: creative

i just thought that maybe the community could use a banner type thingy.. lol.
here it is, if you feel like putting it on the front of the user info page then thats cool, and if not then thats fine. i was bored so i made one ^_^
i also realized that subconscious is the proper spelling and the community is subconcious.. maybe it is supposed to be that way, i am not too sure.
here is the banner.. i hope you like it! i don't know how to center it so it is in the center.. lol rach you are the expect so if you decide to use it i think it would look awesome in the center instead of to the left like how mine was before i took it off.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Dreams... duh =)
by Jackie (splitchickj)
at July 14th, 2005 (10:47 pm)

current mood: hungry

Okay... these are short and random, but eh...

I had a dream that I was in a play, and it was "The Lion King" and I was playing Zazu. My costume sucked and I was thinking that I could have made it so much better. I think I was wearing pretty much all white. And I thought I could've added feathers or something, but I pictured them glued all over my fingers. And then I thought about how the play was gonna suck and everyone was gonna mess up lines, including me. AND Jasmine (from Aladdin) was also in the play, but she was an actual cartoon, I think lol.

DREAM #2!!! I was sitting in a movie theatre type area with Scott (my bf). And... I dunno if it was like... a filmed concert, or an ACTUAL concert going on, but Mandy Moore was singing. When "Cry" came on, I got excited and was like "I have to be with Jamie (my neice) during this one" and I left him to go sit with her and we were singing and then the camera went on ME (ya know how they'll get audience shots during concerts?) and I figured Scott would be liking, so I smiled and blew a kiss to the camera for him, but I did it kinda discretely cuz I knew I had family in the audience, and I didn't want them to notice. When the song ended, I went back and sat with Scott.

There ya go =)

pics and tags..
by .viva.la.jada. (explicitly_jada)
at July 9th, 2005 (01:19 pm)

current mood: tired

k people i am just letting you know that the pics and tags are up on the user info page. if you all wouldn't mind picking the one that you want or like and posting it in your user info that would be wonderful so we can start promoting this community.
thanks much!


Rach [userpic]
by Rach (dolfinprincess)
at July 8th, 2005 (09:10 am)

{ haha.. i origionally put her user name as joy88ofcola. i'm a dork :) }

ANY CHANGES YOU WOULD MAKE?? (ex. font color, text location, etc) just leave a comment and let me know :)

by Candy (chucks_boo)
at July 7th, 2005 (03:02 pm)
pissed off

current mood: pissed off
current song: Down with love

July 5/05

Matt and I were in jail for some odd reason and let's just say we found something to occupy our time.

July 6/05

I was at this thing with Crystal and Jenn sitting on these mats, when Clay Aiken walked in and told us that he was our instructor for whatever we were doing. He began picking me for everything because he had a slight crush on me.

That night, I went to see my dad and I sat in his lap and told him everything that was going on including the thing about Clay and he laughed and joked with me...

Sorta recurring...
by Jackie (splitchickj)
at July 5th, 2005 (01:18 am)

current mood: tired

I had this dream twice when I was younger.

I was at a lake with my family. And the colors were super vibrant. The grass was very green, the trees were a perfect brown, the sky was blue, the lake was a gorgeous blue. Pretty much if you were to color the scene with crayons or markers. They were that awesome.

Anyway, in the middle of this lake there's a cave. Kinda making a tunnel over the water, but it's in the lake's center, it doesn't touch land. I'm in a canoe type of a boat (both boat and cave are an awesome shade of brown) and I don't remember who I'm with, but we paddle into the cave. But when we get in there, there are little goblin/demon/scary monster things. They are bright green and bright red and we have to sit on a ledge in the cave to avoid them.

That's all I remember... but I just realized that it's interesting that those were their colors since today I don't like red and green together at all unless it's like... a flower or during Christmas.

freaky dream!
by .viva.la.jada. (explicitly_jada)
at July 4th, 2005 (02:33 pm)

current mood: confused

okay this is a dream that i have been having since i was 14 years old and i am now 27. i have been trying to make sense of it for years now.. find any information as to what i may mean.. i have looked high and low through books, the internet and i have even asked my therapist.. and still nothing.
the weird part about this dream is i have it once a year between the months of july and august. i have also realized that i have never had this dream on the same date, but it is driving me crazy because i want to know what it means or if it is trying to tell me something.
here is my reoccuring dream.

the first time i ever had this dream was when i was 14 as i have stated. it was a hot summer night, i remember it like it was yesterday. after a few hours of falling asleep, i started seeing lines.
lines of all colors, straight, zig zag, curvy and wavy lines. the lines seemed as if they were coming straight at me. the entire background in my dream was black with the exception of the lines.. so as the colored lines are coming to me apparently i started to scream. my mom came in my room and turned on my light to see if i was okay. she told me that my eyes were open, and i remember this because i tried to touch them and i know they were open cuz i had slept with my contacts in that night. *stupid me i always do*
my mom asked me what was wrong and i remember talking with her and telling her all i could see was lines and that they were coming straight for me. my mom tried to pull me close to her and comfort me and i remember her rubbing the back of my head, but it felt like she was punching me in the head. i was also soaked in sweat. my mom quickly helped me up and walked with me to the bathroom and she splashed cold water on my face and instantly the lines had disappeared and i could see again.
does anyone know what this mean? can anyone tell me anything about this dream??
seeing as it is july, i am expecting this dream anytime now and it freaks the hell out of me.
i just want to know what it means or just to have some sort of information regarding the lines.
sometimes when i have this dream, it's bad like when i was 14 and other times it doesn't last very long.
if anyone can help me, please let me know.. this dream has been occuring for a long time now.
as i said above that i have not had this dream on the same date.. so what if i have this dream for many more years to come? is it going to going to go through eachday of july then august and then start all over again?!?!?!
i just simply want answers is all.

Rach [userpic]
1st Dream Entry.. :)
by Rach (dolfinprincess)
at July 3rd, 2005 (10:42 am)

current mood: curious

well i had a dream last night... so i'll share. :)

i was back home with my family, driving around in my dad's old Jimmy, it was red (haha, as some of you know i have a reoccuring dream of dying in a red vehicle). my mom was driving, not paying attention to what she was doing. she blows through one stop sign (thank god no cars were coming). then at the next stop sign she takes a left and we're at a lake somewhere, we're driving on a gravel road. She loses control of the truck and drives off into the lake, we sink immediately so there was no time to get the windows down. then i woke up.. so i'm pretty sure i didnt die in this one.. but still...... another freaking red vehicle... what the hell????

if anyone has any insight to this, please let me know.. :)

here's what i found onlineCollapse )

Rach [userpic]
by Rach (dolfinprincess)
at July 2nd, 2005 (12:53 pm)

current mood: creative

this is my newest community :) i hope everyone enjoys it. its open membership (you dont have to be approved to join) however you do have to join to comment or post. if you think of any changes that need to be made or have ideas for the layout theme please let me know. i'm only working a few days this week and next week so i'm available most of the time to make updates and all that jazz.. have fun and share your dreams with us. :)


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