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by Jackie (splitchickj)
at July 28th, 2005 (12:05 pm)

I can only remember bits of this one. We went to my sister's house... it was someone's birthday or something. And everyone was sitting out together on wooden chairs... maybe around a fire or bbq or something. And while I was going to walk into the house, I get a call on my cell. I answered it, and it was this girl I've never talked to before, Jessica. (I was thinking of a friend of Scott's little sister, but in the dream it was a friend of my neice). She was like "Do you want to talk to Scott?" and I was way confused and kinda jealous that she and other people were with him. And I was like "Suuuuree..". So she gave the phone to him, and I was trying to talk to him, but he either just stopped talking, or the phone kept cutting out. In the end, the PHONE did cut out.

Then later I was at someone elses house. They had a pool. Two people were in the pool (I think one was my sister) along with this huge ass black bird. It looked kinda like a vulture type, but it was kinda fuzzy. My sister and whoever she was with would throw a piece of ice at it, and it would grab it and spit it out and it'd go crazy fast. I remember thinking that I was afraid a piece would hit one of them and they'd get hurt. (Yesterday I found out that my 3-year-old nephew broke his collar bone, so I think that's why he's in this dream now).. my little nephew James, showed up. And so did my 22-year-old nephew, CHris. He had a card with a gift certificate in it to some gaming store, but it got lost. I went into this one room to look for it, and it was all futuristic in there. And there was this huge superhero type guy who was like.. flashing all these colors and stuff, and I was scared of him. I tried to hide in his bed from him (and the bed was way weird, too). Anyway, James was in this room, sitting on a chair, playing a little gameboy type thing. I grabbed onto it while he was still holding it, and told him to tell me where Chris' gift cert. was. He said he didn't know. I started yelling at him and took the game away and asked again, and he started yelling back. Finally I turned it off and I was like "TELL ME WHERE IT IS" and I'm not sure if he was crying, but he was really upset and was like "I CAN'T!" and I said "Yes you can, where is it?" and he said the same thing. I might have asked "Why can't you tell me?" and I dunno what he said, maybe "because" or something.

Oh and then I had a dream that I was with some friends that I really didn't want to be with. It was dark out. We went to a drive thru (It was Olga's, but fastfood and a drivethru). I remember thinking that I shouldn't be eating fast food anymore, but I was gonna get fries, and chicken fingers with ranch. I was gonna get the kids meal, and I was kinda embarrassed by that, but I wanted a small portion and the toy lol. There were 3 drive thru windows. After we ordered, my friend, completely past up the one we were supposed to go to, and they told her to go back. After that, she passed up the window AGAIN and was going to back up to get to it, but she sucked and so she just turned and went back behind all the other cars to get in line again.