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Cherry Blossom [userpic]
5 dreams.
by Cherry Blossom (tragic0phelia)
at August 1st, 2005 (12:23 am)
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4 nights of stranger-than-average dreaming (all different, all weird, no recurring dreams from my past, different moods and situations) made me post this, does anyone care to pick at it for me? I can only consult my dream dictionary so much before I realize Im reading too much into crap:

*ps - its LONG, 5 dreams, cut accordingly, read one, read five, enjoy (or cringe, what have you)**

-About 3 night ago I had a dream that my dad died. I have dreams like this every now and again, and it was just....awful. Like he hadnt died of old age, but he didnt die from some gruesome accident, it was just like he...died. And when my mom and I went to the cemetary, it was this outdoor area next to a drying riverbed, and there were gates intot eh cemetary, but when I looked into the cemetary, it was like looking into the living room upstate, minus the walls.

My mom went in first and I waited outside, then she came back and I went inside, and I remember as we crossed paths, I looked down and commented on the shoes she was wearing, we were both dressed in black totally except she was wearing these...bright new white running shoes. She shrugged, looked at them, we exchanged some sort of witty remark, and I went into the 'cemetary' and over to the 'headstone/plaque' in the ground...which was actually the carpet.

At that point I suddenly became overcome with this huge amount of grief, and I could remember in the dream my eyes started watering and I ran my hands over the gravestone thing...that was embedded in the carpet, and I looked over a foot or so to the left at the corner of the wall, where the carpet ended and I thought, 'God...this is a REALLY REALLY illogical setup, everytime they need to bury someone they need to pull up the carpet' (there were other graves there too, but all the furniture was there also, which was kinda weird).

Then I took a good look at the headstone thing, and it was a flat surface sectioned off into 4 with like, a '+' int he middle. And in the top right section it was talking about how great and heroic my dad was in the war, how he was a sargeant and I was like 'WHAT??' (my dad was never in war, he was either too young or too old or not into it or whatever), then at the bottom of the plaque it has his name, but it was the wrong middle initial, it was the middle initial J (his is A), and I got all weirded out....at that point I woke up and I almost started crying, I just remember feeling so alone in the dream, like my mom wouldnt help me because she needed time to herself, and there was literally NO ONE else around at all (except random people in a nextdoor cemetary which was weird....it involved baby shoes or something and someone trying to steal them)

-I dreamt 2 nights ago that I was in an art class with Napoleon Dynomite. No joke, hot Napoleon Dynamite, moon boots, harelip, fro and everything. And hes all rude and annoying and hating it, of course. So it takes place...for some reason upstate again, in the kitchen area, and hes pacing back and forth and I know he feels kind of ill, so for some reason he befirended me, and I rubbed his back, and suddenly he ran to the corner of the kitchen in front of the sink and threw up in a garbage can in front of it.

Reacting as I normally do to vomitting, I ran away and stood next to someone, shut my eyes closed and plugged my fingers in my ears and hummed (I fucking HATE vomitting more than anything in the world), but I could hear and kinda see from the corner of my eyes another kid next to me, who was ALSO Napoleon Dynamite grinned, and whistled long and low, until the first Napoleon stopped puking (not long, about 10 seconds or so), and then he transitioned into a high tune and stuck his finger up (think...slide whistle i guess).

Then I looked back at the first Napoleon and he was fine, but for some reason he was holding a plastic takeout fork that looked like it was covered in pizza (it wasnt vomit, it was pizza and I knew it) and he looked at everyone, nonchalantly turned around, and headed into the bathroom a few feet away. A girl in the class who was watching, turned her back and gave a weird look at the ground and walked back over towards us (she looked like a girl I knew in middle school)...at that point I woke up and felt like I was gonna throw up (I was fine :-p)

-LAST night I had a dream that I was (kind of I guess) sitting on my couch in the basement, in the place I normally sit. But there were a bunch of other people and it was actually soem sort of weird, open air common grounds kind of place. I was sitting there on my laptop, when someone sits next to me, taking up a HELL of alot of room. I look over and he elbows me and pokes me around by accident, and it ends up being some kid I knew in middle school, some fat italian kid named Andrew (Im the age I am now, and he still looks like a 12 year old, but were both equals).

I give him a pissed off look, and he looks at me and my laptop and starts craning and asking questions and poking me more...apparantly hed done this a few times in the past, because I suddenly started screaming and cursing at him, like 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING why do you always do this to me, I never bother you but you do this to me all the time! well IVE HAD IT THATS IT ITS DONE ITS OVER' and...in front of me, sitting on top of the upside down garbage can I usually have in front of me in the basement to hold my laptop, is HIS computer, but its a black desktop, like a Dell (it was the same kind of computer I remember Chris having). I then push it, I still dunno how a whole desktop system managed to balance perfectly on a surface about a foot in diameter, but it all fell in one piece (heh, maybe thats why?) to the floor, slowly and gently, like on a cloud, and Andrew looked at me and weakly said 'i...aw whyd you do that?' and I fell on the floor and just started hysterically crying and screaming and beating my fists, just wanting him to leave me alone (even though he wasnt doing anything incredibly major?). Eventually I ended up passing out from frustration, and as I was passing out I felt people getting up around me and I remember thinking 'oh good someones gonna help me' before I passed out in the dream.

I came to, I dunno how long Id been out, and I sat up, and the place had turned into (or I guess it was, but it was just clearer) a sort of old open air small courtyard, with weeds growing out of the stone tile floor and arches, and I stood up and there was NO ONE around me. I looked around, and peeked through a stone arch and saw that there were about 3-4 stone arches that went back about 20 feet or so, and I saw all the people Id seen before I passed out (except for Andrew, go figure) doing karate. FUCKING KARATE. There was very little noise, but they were all lined up, kicking and doing moves and stuff, and they all had white outfits with red sashes. I watched them for a few minutes I guess, and then they started to file out of the arches towards me, I caught one of them (a friend i guess) and asked what time they started doing the karate (apparantly I was meant to be part of the class) and she said, kind of distracted, 'oh, when you passed out from crying on the floor', and I remember thinking 'WELL FUCK IF THAT ISNT TYPICAL'. I talked to some other people, but they ignored me, and I tried tot alk to another girl but she was snatched up by this girl Marina I knew in high school and I thought 'shit im losing all my friends to that marina bitch'...I dont remember much after that point though, it starts to get really lucid, where I feel like Im walking around Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Im going into and out of houses with HUGE doorways, and the houses have wormholes of sorts and leave you in other places...some of the houses looked like dilapidated suburban homes (Before I went to sleep I was reading an article about suburban sprawl), and like youd go in and itd look like a school/factory...it basically continued like that till I woke up.

-Ive been having other weird dreams, like I remember one dream I was going to SVA, and I went into this GIANT auditorium (larger than any SVA has, with nice amber and warm wood tones), and I was at the top looking down the stairs, and I kicked off my flip-flops and ran down tot eh seat I (guessed) I wanted, thinking the flip-flops would be there when I got to the seat. They werent, so I went back up to where Id left them, but they werent there, instead a guy was sitting int he aisle, laughing at me, and I looked up and someone (him prolly) had moved them a ways up, so I slipped them back on and ran back to my seat and sat down.

Then suddenly we were being handed these...tests I guess, by this girl I knew in middle school, Katherine S., and she looked at me and she smiled and pointed to my shoulder (i think i ahd a nametag) and she was like 'yeah! I know you, I remember your face!' so I felt kinda cool (I havent made many friends at college in my first year), took a test from her, and I was like 'youre Katherine right?' and by this time shed moved to the row behind me, and she glanced back, like a totally different person, looked at me like she was confused/bitchy and said 'uhh yeah?' and turned her back to me and gave out some more tests, so I turned around and looked forgot it and looked over the test.

Basically..I knew I was never gonna pass it, I dunno why but I knew I just wasnt, either I just plain didnt know the material, or I didnt have time, whatever, I wasnt gonna answer one question right on it (I dont think the test mattered though, it wasnt really being talked about). All I remember is about 3 sheets in, there was this thing with an advert for Pepsi, and it had all these little metal scratchoff foils (like lottery games) and if you scratched off a certain number, didnt matter which or something, there was something involved where you went outside and Shrek was standing there with a GIANT pickup truck just filled with fried chicken pieces and you could have your pick of them....then I vaguely remember Shrek being something of a Robin Hood of...fried chicken...not much else :-p

Another dream I had was a bit more detatched and vacant, but I was visiting Mielle's workplace (shes a dominatrix) and I somehow had to get from the floor she worked on (3rd) to the 5th, to open up a container full of toys like whips, beads, paddles, collars, etc., except the only catch was that I couldnt be seen, because technically I wasnt allowed to be there or...the company wasnt allowed to be there or whatever (its not a shady business she works for but theyre definitely very private, Ive never been there to scope it out myself). SO I ended up sneaking around, trying to use stairs, elevators, escalators, and I kept calling Mielle for directions, and shed tell me where to go in the building, like where to turn and go down and whatnot (its kind of like a really sexy video game now that I think about it), like when I tried to use the escalators to get from 3rd to 4th floor, they were both closed, and there was a job fair going on, so a security guard asked me where I needed to go, and I clammed up and ran away from him because I knew hed seize me if I said 5th floor.

Along the way, Id be asking people for directions to SCHOOL for some reason, like 'wheres room 605A' and theyd point me to it (I think id given up on the dom toys quest), but itd always be wrong, like thered be a vent in the way, or a room with guys playing handball, and it looked really really dilapadated, like the inside of an old, peeling ancient factory, and inside of rooms there were doorways to other rooms, with LOTS of confusion, because Id have to walk through a few classrooms to get to the room I wanted (which is actually the case at SVA more than a few times, which is REALLY annoying), and everywhere there were just dead ends and chasams where rooms should be but instead they were ACROSS the chasam, and it was just...plain...awful.

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Posted by: .viva.la.jada. (explicitly_jada)
Posted at: August 1st, 2005 02:08 pm (UTC)

very very interesting i must say.
i am going to make a call and go through a few of my books and forsure get back to you on this one.
i am so flatter gasted right now.. lol not in a bad way, but these are very interesting dreams.
i will get back to you asap.
welcome to the community!

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